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1 SepAS Aïn M'lilaJS Kabylie00Draw---0-++
1 SepCA Bordj Bou A.NA Hussein Dey00Draw---0-++
1 SepCR BelouizdadDRB Tadjenanet21Home win++-3+--
1 SepJS SaouraUSM Alger30Home win++-3-+-
1 SepMC AlgerES Setif01Away win---1--+
1 SepMO BéjaïaCS Constantine10Home win---1-+-
1 SepParadou ACOlymp. Médéa30Home win++-3-+-
1 SepUSM Bel AbbèsOran31Home win+++4+--
4 SepCR BelouizdadMC Alger00Draw---0-++
4 SepES SetifParadou AC11Draw+--2+--
4 SepUSM AlgerCA Bordj Bou A.31Home win+++4+--
10 SepCS ConstantineUSM Bel Abbès30Home win++-3-+-
10 SepES SetifCR Belouizdad32Home win+++5+--
10 SepNA Hussein DeyJS Saoura10Home win---1-+-
10 SepOranAS Aïn M'lila31Home win+++4+--
11 SepDRB TadjenanetCA Bordj Bou A.31Home win+++4+--
11 SepJS KabylieParadou AC10Home win---1-+-
11 SepOlymp. MédéaMC Alger12Away win++-3+--
14 SepAS Aïn M'lilaCS Constantine00Draw---0-++
15 SepCR BelouizdadOlymp. Médéa01Away win---1--+
15 SepJS SaouraCA Bordj Bou A.01Away win---1--+
15 SepMO BéjaïaNA Hussein Dey12Away win++-3+--
15 SepParadou ACOran32Home win+++5+--
16 SepMC AlgerJS Kabylie05Away win+++5--+
17 SepES SetifDRB Tadjenanet11Draw+--2+--
20 SepUSM AlgerAS Aïn M'lila30Home win++-3-+-
21 SepCA Bordj Bou A.MO Béjaïa11Draw+--2+--
21 SepCS ConstantineParadou AC20Home win+--2-+-
21 SepJS KabylieCR Belouizdad20Home win+--2-+-
22 SepDRB TadjenanetJS Saoura10Home win---1-+-
22 SepNA Hussein DeyUSM Bel Abbès00Draw---0-++
22 SepOranMC Alger43Home win+++7+--
27 SepES SetifJS Kabylie01Away win---1--+
28 SepAS Aïn M'lilaNA Hussein Dey11Draw+--2+--
28 SepOlymp. MédéaDRB Tadjenanet11Draw+--2+--
29 SepCR BelouizdadOran01Away win---1--+
29 SepMO BéjaïaJS Saoura01Away win---1--+
29 SepParadou ACUSM Alger13Away win+++4+--
29 SepUSM Bel AbbèsCA Bordj Bou A.00Draw---0-++
  39 matches found
  (16% of 240 played matches in total)
   HGAG 1.5+2.5+3.5+TGBTShCSaCS 
  Totals 5235 2316987161613 
Averages 1.330.90 0.590.410.232.23  
Percentages 60%40% 59%41%23% 41%41%33% 
Local team won 1846%  
Draw 1128%  
Visitor team won 1026%  
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HGGoals scored by local team
AGGoals scored by visitor team
1.5+Match total goals is over 1.5
2.5+Match total goals is over 2.5
3.5+Match total goals is over 3.5
TGMatch total goals
BTSBoth teams scored
hCSLocal team did not concede any goal
aCSVisitor team did not concede any goal

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