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Teams of similar level may not share the same types of strength and weaknesses when dealing with different match scenarios. 

For example, some teams generally encounter difficulties with scoring the first goal. Other teams may have shown great ability to come back into the game after conceding a goal. 

Similarly, we may also find that some teams have done a good job at defending a scoreline by avoiding equalisers much more often than all teams combined did on average.

Goal timing

In addition to the goal timing stats at the league level, showing when goals have been scored on average all teams combined, team-level goal timing stats show the time segments (15-minutes or 10-minute segments) where each team has scored and/or conceded the most goals.

Scoreline scenarios

When it comes to analysing offence and defence-related records, the Scored / Conceded tables and the Goal Timing stats can help answer questions of the types "how many" and "when". 

We will be focusing on tables that relate to how team has performed in relation to different leading statuses (whether the team is leading, losing, or even in goals), such as the Opening Goals table, the Lead-Taking goals, Equalisers, Lead Duration stats and the Points Won/Lost table.

Those tables focus on answering the "in which circumstances"-type questions, evaluating each team's scoring or defending abilities in the context of specific match scenarios.

Goal types

First Goal stats

The First Goal stats are comprised of a set of tables showing for each team:
  • how often the team has scored the first goal
  • how often the team has conceded the first goal

Some tables focus on showing when those first goals have occurred, showing for each team:
  • the number of opening goals in each 15-minute time segment
  • the number of opening goals in each half 
  • the average minute of all opening goals scored by the team
  • the average minute of all opening goals conceded by the team

Lastly, the First Goal stats include tables listing the teams' record when scoring or conceding first, in the format of a league table showing matches won, draws, lost and the Points Per Game.

This is the type of statistics that could show for example when a team has won each of the matches where they scored the first goal.

You can view an example of the First Goal stats on the Ligue 1 First Goal stats page.

Ability to take the lead, equalise, or defend a lead

Those tables show, for each team:
  • how many times the team has taken the lead, and out of those leading positions, how often the team has managed to defend that lead
  • how many times the team has conceded the lead, and from those losing positions, how often the team has managed to equalise.

Equalizers conceded

The above tables also show the following indicators for each team:
  • the Lead-Defending Rate (how often the team has been able to keep an existing lead)
  • the Equalising Rate (how often the team has managed to score an equaliser)

You can view an example of those tables by looking at the Equalisers Scored stats for La Liga. Similar indicators are also displayed on each of the team pages for that league.

Lead Duration stats

Some other types of leading/trailing stats focus on showing average durations regarding the lead status for each team. The statuses shown for each team are:
  • the percentage of time spent leading
  • the percentage of time spent level in goals
  • the percentage of time spent trailing

Lead durations

These statistics are listed both at the league level and at the team level. To view this table in the context of the Serie A, you can visit the Serie A Lead Duration stats page.

Points Won or Lost

Some teams are demonstrated a good ability to come back into the game in the last minutes, for example by scoring a late equaliser while other teams have been notorious for giving away a leading position late into the game. 

The Points Won/Lost table shows, for each team, how many points they have "won" or "lost" after the 75th minute. The points won or lost are calculated based on how many points the team would have picked up had each game end up after 75 minutes, compared to how many points the team did earn in the end.

To view an example of that table you may want to visit the Bundesliga Points Won/Lost table. provides football statistics, results and blog articles on national and international soccer competitions worldwide.

Football fans can keep a tab on stats related to their favourite team or leagues of interest, and access a wide range of team performance data analytics and league standings, not only on the world's most famous professional leagues, but also on amateur and regional leagues over the world.

Example of soccer statistics include league standings, form tables, top goal scorers, scoring stats, statistical previews and goal timing statistics.

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