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Japan - J2 League

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7 MarFagiano OkayamaZ. Kanazawa01Away win---1--+
7 MarTochigi SCBlaublitz Akita01Away win---1--+
21 MarEhime FCVentforet Kofu01Away win---1--+
21 MarMatsumoto Y.JEF Utd Chiba01Away win---1--+
27 MarVentforet KofuMachida Zelvia01Away win---1--+
28 MarM. YamagataFagiano Okayama01Away win---1--+
4 AprFagiano OkayamaJubilo Iwata01Away win---1--+
4 AprMachida ZelviaZ. Kanazawa01Away win---1--+
4 AprR. YamaguchiTochigi SC01Away win---1--+
11 AprMachida ZelviaKyoto Sanga01Away win---1--+
11 AprZ. KanazawaJEF Utd Chiba01Away win---1--+
17 AprOmiya ArdijaEhime FC01Away win---1--+
21 AprMito HollyhockJEF Utd Chiba01Away win---1--+
25 AprJEF Utd ChibaSC Sagamihara01Away win---1--+
25 AprOmiya ArdijaMachida Zelvia01Away win---1--+
1 MayBlaublitz AkitaFagiano Okayama01Away win---1--+
5 MayR. YamaguchiJEF Utd Chiba01Away win---1--+
9 MayZ. KanazawaR. Yamaguchi01Away win---1--+
9 MayG. KitakyushuV-V. Nagasaki01Away win---1--+
23 MayAlbirex NiigataKyoto Sanga01Away win---1--+
23 MayFagiano OkayamaV-V. Nagasaki01Away win---1--+
23 MayMito HollyhockVentforet Kofu01Away win---1--+
27 MaySC SagamiharaEhime FC01Away win---1--+
30 MayMachida ZelviaG. Kitakyushu01Away win---1--+
5 JunSC SagamiharaV-V. Nagasaki01Away win---1--+
5 JunFagiano OkayamaTokyo Verdy01Away win---1--+
13 JunAlbirex NiigataFagiano Okayama01Away win---1--+
13 JunJEF Utd ChibaTokyo Verdy01Away win---1--+
20 JunMito HollyhockM. Yamagata01Away win---1--+
20 JunT. GunmaMachida Zelvia01Away win---1--+
26 JunV-V. NagasakiJubilo Iwata01Away win---1--+
27 JunR. YamaguchiOmiya Ardija01Away win---1--+
11 JulFC RyukyuSC Sagamihara01Away win---1--+
17 JulMatsumoto Y.Mito Hollyhock01Away win---1--+
17 JulTochigi SCVentforet Kofu01Away win---1--+
18 JulFagiano OkayamaT. Gunma01Away win---1--+
14 AugFC RyukyuMito Hollyhock01Away win---1--+
22 AugMatsumoto Y.Ehime FC01Away win---1--+
25 AugTochigi SCT. Gunma01Away win---1--+
29 AugEhime FCTochigi SC01Away win---1--+
4 SepM. YamagataMito Hollyhock01Away win---1--+
11 SepFagiano OkayamaTochigi SC01Away win---1--+
11 SepR. YamaguchiMachida Zelvia01Away win---1--+
18 SepFC RyukyuT. Gunma01Away win---1--+
25 SepT. GunmaJEF Utd Chiba01Away win---1--+
26 SepTokyo VerdyMachida Zelvia01Away win---1--+
10 OctMatsumoto Y.Tochigi SC01Away win---1--+
10 OctMachida ZelviaJEF Utd Chiba01Away win---1--+
16 OctSC SagamiharaM. Yamagata01Away win---1--+
16 OctFC RyukyuEhime FC01Away win---1--+
30 OctEhime FCKyoto Sanga01Away win---1--+
3 NovSC SagamiharaBlaublitz Akita01Away win---1--+
3 NovAlbirex NiigataJubilo Iwata01Away win---1--+
3 NovTochigi SCJEF Utd Chiba01Away win---1--+
7 NovG. KitakyushuVentforet Kofu01Away win---1--+
13 NovR. YamaguchiG. Kitakyushu01Away win---1--+
28 NovR. YamaguchiVentforet Kofu01Away win---1--+
28 NovV-V. NagasakiFagiano Okayama01Away win---1--+
  58 matches found
  (13% of 462 played matches in total)
   HGAG 1.5+2.5+3.5+TGBTShCSaCS 
  Totals 058 000580058 
Averages 0.001.00  
Percentages 0%100% 0%0%0% 0%0%100% 
Local team won 00%  
Draw 00%  
Visitor team won 58100%  
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HGGoals scored by local team
AGGoals scored by visitor team
1.5+Match total goals is over 1.5
2.5+Match total goals is over 2.5
3.5+Match total goals is over 3.5
TGMatch total goals
BTSBoth teams scored
hCSLocal team did not concede any goal
aCSVisitor team did not concede any goal


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