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Fri 6 Dec   19:00 Toulon 1 - 2 Boulogne
Fri 13 Dec   17:00 Dunkerque stats Boulogne
Fri 13 Dec   19:00 Bourg-Peronnas stats Cholet
Fri 13 Dec   19:00 Creteil stats Concarneau
Fri 13 Dec   19:00 GFC Ajaccio stats Beziers
Fri 13 Dec   19:00 Laval stats Avranches
Fri 13 Dec   19:00 Pau FC stats Le Puy Auvergne
Fri 13 Dec   19:00 Red Star stats Quevilly Rouen
Fri 13 Dec   19:00 Toulon stats Lyon Duchere
Fri 13 Dec   19:00 Villefranche stats Bastia
Fri 20 Dec   17:00 Boulogne stats Pau FC
Fri 20 Dec   19:00 Avranches stats Creteil
Fri 20 Dec   19:00 Bastia stats Laval
Fri 20 Dec   19:00 Beziers stats Red Star
Fri 20 Dec   19:00 Cholet stats Dunkerque
Fri 20 Dec   19:00 GFC Ajaccio stats Concarneau
Fri 20 Dec   19:00 Le Puy Auvergne stats Villefranche
Fri 20 Dec   19:00 Lyon Duchere stats Bourg-Peronnas
Fri 20 Dec   19:00 Quevilly Rouen stats Toulon

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