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Germany - 2. Bundesliga


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Fr 2 AugFC Koln 19:30 Hamburger SV
Sa 3 AugHannover 96 12:00 Regensburg
Sa 3 AugHertha Berlin 12:00 Paderborn
Sa 3 AugKarlsruher SC 12:00 FC Nurnberg
Sa 3 AugMagdeburg 12:00 Elversberg
Sa 3 AugSchalke 04 19:30 Braunschweig
Su 4 AugDarmstadt 12:30 Dusseldorf
Su 4 AugGreuther Furth 12:30 Preuss. Munster
Su 4 AugUlm 12:30 Kaiserslautern
Fr 9 AugKaiserslautern 17:30 Greuther Furth
Fr 9 AugRegensburg 17:30 Ulm
Sa 10 AugDusseldorf 12:00 Karlsruher SC
Sa 10 AugElversberg 12:00 FC Koln
Sa 10 AugFC Nurnberg 12:00 Schalke 04
Sa 10 AugHamburger SV 19:30 Hertha Berlin
Su 11 AugBraunschweig 12:30 Magdeburg
Su 11 AugPaderborn 12:30 Darmstadt
Su 11 AugPreuss. Munster 12:30 Hannover 96
Sa 24 AugDarmstadt 01:00 FC Nurnberg
Sa 24 AugFC Koln 01:00 Braunschweig
Sa 24 AugGreuther Furth 01:00 Paderborn
Sa 24 AugHannover 96 01:00 Hamburger SV
Sa 24 AugHertha Berlin 01:00 Regensburg
Sa 24 AugKarlsruher SC 01:00 Elversberg
Sa 24 AugMagdeburg 01:00 Schalke 04
Sa 24 AugPreuss. Munster 01:00 Kaiserslautern
Sa 24 AugUlm 01:00 Dusseldorf
Sa 31 AugBraunschweig 01:00 Karlsruher SC
Sa 31 AugDusseldorf 01:00 Hannover 96
Sa 31 AugElversberg 01:00 Darmstadt
Sa 31 AugFC Nurnberg 01:00 Magdeburg
Sa 31 AugHamburger SV 01:00 Preuss. Munster
Sa 31 AugKaiserslautern 01:00 Hertha Berlin
Sa 31 AugPaderborn 01:00 Ulm
Sa 31 AugRegensburg 01:00 Greuther Furth
Sa 31 AugSchalke 04 01:00 FC Koln
*no match played*

   HGAG 1.5+2.5+3.5+TGBTSHThHTa
  Totals 00 000
HGGoals scored by local team
AGGoals scored by visitor team
1.5+Match total goals is over 1.5
2.5+Match total goals is over 2.5
3.5+Match total goals is over 3.5
TGMatch total goals
BTSBoth teams scored
HThGoals scored by local team in the 1st half
HTaGoals scored by visitor team in the 1st half

Tables overview

Segments Table

0 pt Segments table progression arrow 0 pts
5th Segment 4th Segment 3rd Segment 2nd Segment 1st Segment
(0)  0  Braunschweig
(0)  0  Darmstadt
(0)  0  Dusseldorf
(0)  0  Elversberg
(0)  0  FC Koln
(0)  0  FC Nurnberg
(0)  0  Greuther Furth
(0)  0  Hamburger SV
(0)  0  Hannover 96
(0)  0  Hertha Berlin
(0)  0  Kaiserslautern
(0)  0  Karlsruher SC
(0)  0  Magdeburg
(0)  0  Paderborn
(0)  0  Preuss. Munster
(0)  0  Regensburg
(0)  0  Schalke 04
(0)  0  Ulm

The Segments Table is a visual representation splitting the teams into 5 segments. Each team is assigned to a specific segment, depending on the team's number of points. Each of the 5 segments spans one-fifth (20%) of the total points held by the team ranked 1st in the league. For each team, the number of matches played appears in green between brackets, and the number of points is displayed in black.

2. Bundesliga stats

0 matches played / 306
0.0% completed
Home wins:  - Over 1.5 goals:  -
Draws:  - Over 2.5 goals:  -
Away wins:  - Over 3.5 goals:  -
Goals:  0 Home goals per match:  -
Goals per match:  - Away goals per match:  -
    Both teams scored:  -


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More statistics tables can be accessed from the 'Statistics' dropdown list on the league navigation menu.
The number of matches included in the regular season may differ depending on the way each league is structured. For most national leagues, the stats above relate to the selected league competition in the regular season, excluding playoff matches. Some leagues include additional rounds of matches, for which dedicated group tables may be featured on this page. When such group tables are displayed on the main league page, the stats above also include the matches related to those tables.


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